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Ireland 2006 - International Advanced Iridology Seminar
With John Andrews

A New Understanding of the Collarette & Inner Pupillary Border
with Treatment Protocols

Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th September 2006
At Spring Court, Kilkenny, Ireland

This is John’s 3rd International Presentation in Ireland. Previous acclaimed subjects covered have been Emotional Approaches In Iridology in 2004 and Endocrinology & Iridology in 2005. This weekend follows from and expands upon what has gone before.

Topics to be covered in detail include:

  • Genetic Information from the Inner Pupillary Border

  • The Iris & Colourpuncture – therapeutic reflexes on the skin

  • Comprehensive study of the different transversals

  • The different structures and their meaning on the IPB based on new research

  • Genetic information identified from the collarette

  • All areas of study will embrace signs and markers for the immune and endocrine systems, nutritional tendencies, embryology and psycho-emotional dynamics of an individual

  • How the iris signs develop embryologically with an emphasis on the collarette and inner pupillary border

  • The latest research and technology in iridology and the Group study of irises in class with Colourpuncture and other naturopathic protocols
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