Welcome to the web presence for John Andrews and the Advanced Iridology Research Journal, based in England, but with international influence and co-ordination. The application of new research & accurate practice has been termed Modern Iridology and helps to advance our understanding within Iridology & related fields.This website is the outlet for the latest and highest quality in Iridology Training, Iridology Research, Iridology Books, Iridology Instructional CDs & Iridology Charts.


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It is our aim to constantly update the site to create a dynamic entity and fresh energy to maintain the scientific standing Iridology has already established in many countries. We aim to develop fresh ideas and impetus in the field – we need to build on this foundation and enable accurate information regarding Modern Iridology, in combination with the latest technologies, to develop and grow throughout all fields of medicine.


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This website updated June 2011