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Emotional Approaches in Iridology by John Andrews

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Emotional Approaches in Iridology
By John Andrews
Published 2005

Price £33

Internationally acclaimed, 281 pages illustrated throughout with colour photographs, diagrams and charts.

Chapters include:

  • Foreword by Dr Naila Loqueman
  • Forewords by Dr Daniele Lo Rito & Gino Bellinfante
  • Introduction to Emotional Approaches in Iridology
  • The Interchange between the Emotional & Physical Bodies
  • The Pioneers of Emotional Approaches in Iridology
  • The Limbic System Emotional Dynamics of the Pupillary Dynamics Iris & Pupillary Oscillations
  • Pupillary Displacement
  • The Emotional Dynamics of the Inner Pupillary Border
  • Lacunae – An Emotional Perspective
  • Emotional Dynamics of Iris Pigmentations
  • Emotional Differentiations of Miscellaneous Iris Signs
  • The Central Heterochromia – A Multidimensional Approach
  • Transversals – An Emotional Perspective
  • Emotional Dynamics of the Collarette (including full colour chart)
  • The Depression Axis
  • Parental Resentment identified through iridology with the Father and Mother Principles
  • Inherent Positive Psycho-Emotional Dynamics
  • Emotional Anatomy – Visceroemotional Correspondences
  • Identification of Betrayal from Frontal Iris Analysis
  • Differentiation of Time Risk Markings
  • The Stress Axis in Emotional Approaches in Iridology
  • The Romheld Syndrome in Iridology – A Multigenerational Psycho-emotional Dynamic
  • The Bioenergetics of Wilhelm Reich – A correlation & Interpretation with the Iris
  • Emotional Iridology Potential in Therapeutics
  • Anxiety
  • Selected Flower Remedies
  • Dirk-Hamer Syndrome
  • The Iridology Examination with Emotional Approaches in Iridology
  • Bibliography
All chapters are a thorough holistic exploration in John’s distinctive style and contain graphics, charts, treatment protocols, research and iris, pupil, IPB signs in relation to the psycho-emotional dynamics. Work presented on four continents to critical acclaim is featured here, including the Emotional Dynamics of the Collarette chart.

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