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John Andrews is the author of the latest Iridology textbook on Iris & Pupillary Signs, 3rd Edition - Modern Iridology plus the following titles Endocrinology & Iridology, Iris & Pupillary Signs, 2nd Edition, Immunology & Iridology and Emotional Approaches in Iridology. He is co-author of Embryology & Iridology with Dr Daniele Lo Rito.


His work is renowned for bridging the gap between natural and orthodox medicine via Iridology. In addition to this John is the Editor of the Advanced Iridology Research Journal and author of over 20 research papers in Iridology in addition to 18 instructional CD-ROMs.


For an overview of all the textbooks by John Andrews please see Introduction to Iridology Textbooks.


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Endocrinology & Iridology by John Andrews
  Endocrinology & Iridology
By John Andrews
Published 2006

  Price £42  
  Paper version sold out - PDF version on CD now available  

270+ pages illustrated throughout with colour photographs, diagrams and charts.
Chapters include: Foreword by Dr Naila Loqueman, Introduction to Endocrinology & Iridology, Mechanisms of Hormones, The Neuroendocrine Role of the Hypothalamus, Neuroendocrine Immunology, Endocrine Pupillary Dynamics, Differentiation of Lacunae in Endocrine-based Iridology, The Endocrine Collarette... [more]

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Emotional Approaches in Iridology by John Andrews 2005
  Emotional Approaches in Iridology
By John Andrews
Published 2005

  Price £33  
  Note: Paper version sold out. PDF version on CD available  

169 A4 pages illustrated throughout with 13 colour images and charts, 39 b/w charts and graphics.
Chapters include: Forewords by Dr Daniele Lo Rito & Gino Bellinfante, Introduction to Emotional Approaches in Iridology, The Interchange between the Emotional Approaches in Iridology, The Limbic System, Emotional Dynamics of the Pupillary Dynamics, Iris & Pupillary Oscillations, Pupillary Displacement... [more]

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Iris & Pupillary Signs by John Andrews 2004

New Book

Iris & Pupillary Signs, 3rd Edition - Modern Iridology
By John Andrews
Published May 2008, 3rd Edition

  Price £55  
  Be one of the first to own this worldwide celebrated book to be published as a new and expanded third edition. Includes 10 new chapters, new layout and graphics, double the amount of information as the 2nd edition, new information & Gallery of Iris Signs CD. It is an indispensable, accurate & practical reference source for the serious practitioner, student, tutor or researcher in Modern Iridology.  

Chapters include: Landmarks in the Iris, Different Sections of the Iris & Pupil, Pupil Tonus, Pupillary Dynamics, Topolabile & Topostabile Signs, Differentiation of Lacunae, The Most Important Iris Signs, Modern Medical iridology Research, Topographical Questions in Modern Iridology, Iridology Contra-Indications, What we cannot identify via Iridology, Crypts & Defects, The Development & Meaning of Pigmentation, Contraction Furrows in Iridology, Brushfield's Spots, Mammilations, Transversals, Miscellaneous Iris Signs, The Integrity of the Collarette... [more]

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Immunology & Iridology by John Andrews 2003
  Immunology & Iridology
By John Andrews
Published 2003

  Paper Version Sold Out & Currently Out of Print
PDF version on CD available £38

Internationally acclaimed, 285 pages illustrated throughout with 26 colour images and charts, 6 b/w graphics.
Chapters include: An Introduction to Immunology & Iridology, The Iris & Pupillary Psychoneuroendocrinoimmunological Reflex Co-ordination, Glossary, The Hypothalamus & PNEI in Iridology, Dysbiosis - Intestinal Immunology & Iridology, The Immune Axis, The Stress Axis, Peripheral Iris Signs, Brushfield's Spots, Contraction Furrows in Immuno-Iridology... [more]

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