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John Andrews is the author of the latest Iridology textbook with Iris & Pupillary Signs, 3rd Edition - Modern Iridology. Plus he has written Endocrinology & Iridology, Iris & Pupillary Signs, 2nd Edition, Immunology & Iridology and Emotional Approaches in Iridology. He is co-author of Embryology & Iridology with Dr Daniele Lo Rito.

John is recognised around the world for his pioneering and professional contribution to the field of Iridology, and is invited to lecture throughout the UK, Belgium, France, Mexico, Belarus, Ireland, Italy, Brazil, South Africa, Greece and the USA for many different medical bodies, Iridology associations, conferences, naturopathic colleges and institutions. John is involved in several Iridology research initiatives both in the UK and internationally, and at his numerous seminars you will be able to share his latest findings and learn how they can help you practically.


Even though course and lecture content can appear very complex and technical, John is acknowledged as having the ability to convey and present information in a very holistic, digestible and understandable manner, which is always delivered with clarity, enthusiasm and a passion for the subject. John received a standing ovation for the presentation of three hours of this material at the 5th Annual Iridology Congress of America in Cincinnati and at the Third Annual IIPA Symposium in February 2006.Recently at the 8th Annual Iridology congress of America John's 3 hour keynote presentation on new research on the inner pupillary border received another standing ovation.


He is actively involved in several iridology research initiatives in the UK and across the world. His innovative and scientific contribution to the advancement of Iridology was internationally recognised in Sao Paulo in Brazil in 2004 with the presentation of the Ignatz Von Peczely Award for his Scientific & Innovative Contributions to the Global Advancement of Iridology. In 2005 he was honored by the Italian Society of Iridologists for his Pioneering Research in Iridology. In June 2007 John was honored with the "Iridologist of the Year 2007" Award in the USA by the International Iridology Practitioners Association.

Mr Andrews lectures on iridology, including the integration of immunology and endocrinology, throughout the UK, USA, Europe, Brazil & South Africa with inspired content.


He is also the author of six books on Iridology, including the recently published Endocrinology & Iridology and Immunology & Iridology in 2003.


His work is renowned for bridging the gap between natural and orthodox medicine via Iridology. In addition to this John is the Editor of the Advanced Iridology Research Journal and author of over 25 research papers in Iridology in addition to 23 instructional CD-ROMs.


He is in practice in East Yorkshire combining the latest technology in Iridology with herbal medicine and other dynamic natural health approaches with a scientific, functional & holistic basis.


John Andrews trains students in both basic & advanced iridology - his course is recognised as the most comprehensive timetables of study available in the world today.



If you require further information, please email John Andrews at johnandrewsiridology@hotmail.com with your questions or comments.