We are very pleased to announce the fully updated John Andrews International Iridology Seminar Schedule for 2011 & 2012. Please visit the Seminars section for the complete list and associated information downloads.


Seminars from John in Delhi in India for May 2011, Copenhagen, Denmark June 2011, Lund in Sweden in August 2011 & London, October 2011 are all covered. In addition to the 2012 Seminar Schedule for Nice, France in January 2012 & Curitiba, Brasil in February 2012.


In the meantime Seminar updates are available in that section please click on the link here.




New Iridology Charts

Modern Iridology Chart from John Andrews

The all new Modern Iridology Chart by John Andrews, based on 15 years of iridology research is to be published officially at the beginning if July. It will be available in full colour A3 format. Itis accompanied by other new or updated versions of the following orgibal charts from John Andrews:

Embryoloical Endocrine System Iris Chart - pupillary zone topography, Modern Celluklar Iridology Citric Acid Cycle Iris Chart, Embryological Immune System Iris Chart - pupillary zone topography, Iris Pupillary Zone Topography Chart & Emotional Dynamics of the Collarette Chart.

These charts highlight the importance of the region of the iris from the collarette through the pupillary zoneto the pupil/iris margin in the modern iridology approach & practice.


Please visit the Publications section here from July 2011


News on new Iridology Charts, Seminars, International Books, new AIRJ Volume and the New Iridology E-Newsletter and International Awards for John Andrews are to be featured here from July 2011



Friday 15th, Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th October 2010

John Andrews Modern Iridology Research Lectures

International Iridology Congress, Athens, Greece

* New Modern Iridology Research in Pyscho-neuro-endocrino-immunology (PNEI) - Practical Mind-Body Applications

* 15 years of Modern Iridology Research Findings

For further provisional information on the congress content please click on the link here


New Optimal Gastrointestinal Health Seminar with John Andrews in London

College of Naturopathic Medicine, Friday 22nd January 2010, 10 am to 4.30 pm (Registration 9.30 am)  - Optimal Gastrointestinal Function & Integration - A New Dynamic Approach incorporating Modern Iridology - download the PDF here for further content information. Early booking £50 - book online or email Telephone details are in the seminar PDF.

*Note:do not contact the college, please book with and direct all enquiries, unless about the seminar content, to:



New & complete update of the website will be announced in July 2010 - including new Iridology E-Newsletter No.5 here to download for free, new articles, fully updated training & seminar schedule for 2010/2011, new AIRJ Volume, new Instructional CDs & more.



19th - 22nd November 2009-

XI Congresso Brasileiro de Iridologia

X Congresso Internacional de Irisdiagnose

XI Brazilian Iridology Congress

X International Irisdiagnosis Congress

AMI/AMBI Iridology 4 Day Congress

Valinhos, Sao Paulo, Brazil


with John Andrews covering:

*The Most Important Inner Pupillary Border (IPB) Signs

in Modern Iridology Practice

*The psycho-neuro-endocrino-immunological axis in modern iridology

- new research

*Latest Modern Iris Research Findings

For further congress information please click on the links below and for the complete updated programme of events:



New Advanced Iridology Research Journal Volume 8 due August 2010. Subscribe here



Modern iridology research - in order to gain greater understanding to the core foundation of a concern or condition, John Andrews & colleagues are currently actively involved in researching, documenting, pioneering and presenting new material pertaining to the following aspects of modern iridology awareness and inner pupillary border (IPB) assessment:


  • "M" Sign on the IPB
  • Elephants Signs on the IPB
  • "S" Sign on the IPB
  • Progesterone Ratio Signs for the IPB & Iris
  • "U" Shaped Collarette
  • Neutropenia Tendency & Modern iridology
  • The HPA Axis & Modern Iridology
  • Frontal Neuroendocrine Tissues & the IPB
  • Modern Iridology Iris & IPB Signs associated with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • New Iris Topographic Research: Citric Acid Cycle Cellular Disruption Chart
  • Longitudinal Iris Developmental Research Study from Birth to age 25
  • Potential Osteopenic Risk Factors identified through frontal ocular microscopy
  • Further Collarette & IPB Classifications
  • Ongoing New Pupillary Zone Topographical Research (1998-2009)with an emphasis on a fuller understanding of the psychoneuroendocrinoimmunological (PNEI), extracellular matrix (ECM), PAX-6 gene & cellular expression interactions with the hypothalamus, hippocampus and other aspects of the limbic & hormonal systems



Iridology E-Newsletter No.4 December 2008 20 pages full colour Download PDF here



E-Newsletter No.3 April 2008 16 pages Download PDF here



Iris and Pupillary Signs by John AndrewsIris & Pupillary Signs, NEW & Expanded 3rd Edition - Modern Iridology by John Andrews

This ground-breaking book, already celebrated around the world has been published as a new expanded third version - Available now from May 08

Order NOW for £55
(see Publications page for more information about the book)




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Advanced Iridology Research International Seminar
Event in September 2012

- full details tba in July 2010

Manchester, UK

• Full Programme available soon - email to be updated.

Also there will be an Iris Research Proposal or Full Research Presentations by students of John Andrews, but open to all. The most solid & pertinent feature and innovative research proposals or presentations will both win prizes. Full protocols for inclusion will feature on this site in July 2011.



EMAIL Newsletter No.2- John Andrews Iridology Update June 2007

Please feel welcome to download this previous e-newsletter (PDF format) from John Andrews here.



New Topographical Research, Understanding & Application in Modern Iridology
New pioneering topographical research in Iridology - a co-authored Embryology & Iridology e-book by Dr Daniele Lo Rito and John Andrews. Available to purchase via download later in 2009. Email John Andrews for more information. Details will appear in an upcoming email newsletter.


New Embryology Book by John Andrews & Dr Daniel Lo Rito
Topography RX
Topography LX

The CD-ROMs section now has Instructional CD titles available for purchase, more coming soon. See this section for more details. New in 2008 is The Pure Brown Iris in Modern Iridology Instructional CD.



John Andrews Comprehensive Books Index
A comprehensive PDF version of the book indices for Immunology & Iridology, Endocrinology & Iridology, Iris & Pupillary Signs (2nd Edition), and Emotional Approaches in Iridology by John Andrews is now available.

You'll be able to cross-reference with ease - please download here.



Iris Image Gallery
Iris Image Gallery coming soon, including iris photos linked to articles in the Advanced Iridology Research Journal. This section of the website will be completed in the Summer 2009.



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